Guest Blog by: Jeff Hughes, Grounds & Sustainability Manager at Seattle Children’s
One of my very favorite specimens, a large “windmill palm” (Trachycarpus fortunei) will stay right where it is. This makes me happy! It’s a great tree, very large, with beautiful spiky branches that filter light dramatically. This is a fun, unusual tree to see in the Pacific Northwest, where we’re more acquainted with firs, cedars and pines. The bark of this is amazing; it’s more like a tough fur, actually. I invite people to run their hands through it. (Check it out in the video below).

This palm will remain safe and sound in its current spot, near the corner of 40th and 45th Streets, on the Southwest corner of the property. This will be an important, impressive place for it, in a focal point for the new “pocket park” we’re adding there. This is where the community particularly wanted an inviting, restful green space. There’s a Metro bus stop for route #25 right there, so this will be an important feature.

Just up the hill from here, there’s a great stand of old Western red cedar (Thuja plicata) that will also stay, at the Southeast corner of the current Laurelon Terrace site. This is an exceptional grove with continuous canopy, and very large diameter trunks (two to three feet) so we’re very lucky to have it. We will protect these trees, and they’ll continue to thrive as they have for the last 50 years. They’ll see lots of patients come and go.

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