Guest Blog by: Paulo Nunes-Ueno,  Transportation Director at Seattle Children’s

We truly appreciate your support this Saturday at the workshop. The event can fairly be described as a smashing success. We received hundreds of comments, gave away dozens of helmets and provided countless Skillz and Thrillz to little ones on trikes, bikes and scooters.

The Livable Streets Workshop represents a major step towards our goals of making our streets safer, greener and more livable for young and old alike. In the coming weeks we will compile your comments and ideas and report back with a list of projects that we will send to the Seattle Department of Transportation.

Your support is crucial in making sure that these projects get done. Our timeline is to design projects in 2011 and complete them in 2012. Please stay tuned for messages from us regarding next steps.

Participants from the City of Seattle included Seattle City Council members Mike O’Brien and Richard Conlin, Bill LaBorde (legislative aide for Tom Rasmussen), and staff from SDOT. Following the workshop, councilmember Richard Conlin joined more than a dozen bike riders to tour sites where we think there are opportunities to make improvements. We thank the council members and SDOT staff for their continued support.

There is still time to give comments!

We appreciate all the comments that we’ve heard so far, and we hope the feedback continues via our Seattle Children’s Livable Streets Google map or by emailing us at


We thought you might also appreciate links to the videos that we showed at the workshop. Many of these come from, a fantastic resource for ideas and success stories:

As always, keep in touch with us on Facebook and thank you for your support! We can’t do this without you.