For the hospital’s expansion, we’ve been working for almost three years to plan for every plant on the property. Every tree, shrub, and plant has been evaluated and inventoried. We know precisely which ones we’ll be able to move, which will stay where they are, and those that will go to a holding spot for later population of the new landscape.

Sadly, there are a few trees we can’t save. There’s no point attempting to move something that won’t make it, sometimes a tree is too fragile to withstand a move, so we know we shouldn’t try. Fungus, rot, insect damage, tree scarring or disease can limit a tree’s ability to be moved.

On December 6th we will begin removing all poplar trees that run along the sidewalk bordering the Train and Giraffe buildings and the Laurelon Terrace site.  We will start at the south end and move north – finishing the work in a week.  Tree specialists will climb the trees and remove limbs to within 30 feet of the ground. The limbs will be taken offsite to be chipped and then returned to be used as mulch on site. The lower 30 feet of the trees will be taken intact to a mill where they will be converted into wall paneling and ceiling boards. 

To learn more about trees that will stay or be moved on the property check out this post from our grounds manager, Jeff Hughes:

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