Tree ready for moving day

Removal of Hazardous Materials and Saving Materials to Re-use
Removal of hazardous materials from Laurelon Terrace has been in progress since late October and should be completed by Dec. 20.   During this time a contractor has been removing all potentially hazardous materials from the existing Laurelon Terrace Condominiums including, but not limited to, asbestos, pipe insulation and fittings, flooring, window putty, boiler insulation and contaminated soils.
When this work is complete the site will be tested and cleared before additional work is done.  To date, over 100 fixtures and appliances have been removed for re-use.  Prior to final site preparation, Habitat for Humanity will visit to survey the buildings for any additional materials they can re-use, like wood flooring, casework and plumbing fixtures.
Tree Transplantation and Salvage
Starting Monday , Dec. 13, tree specialists will begin the process of relocating and recycling the trees currently on the Laurelon Terrace property.  Large trees like the poplars along the plaza walkway will be removed  and sent to a local sustainable furniture company to reclaim the wood for future use as wall covering, trim, flooring and furniture. Remaining wood will be chipped for landscaping use.  The two largest trees scheduled for transplant are a 15-inch diameter oak with a 26-foot crown and another 15-inch diameter oak with a 24-foot crown.  A tree-moving specialist from Texas will help ensure a safe journey for these oaks.
Recycling Building Materials and Clearing the Site
Beginning Monday, Dec. 20, we will begin site preparation for the  first phase of our growth.  All metal studs, rebar, structural steel, ductwork, piping, sheet metal, wiring and conduit, concrete and masonry products, wood timbers, framing members, sheathing and decking will be separated and placed into containers for recycling. Materials will be transported to local recycling facilities for future use.  Children’s plans to recycle over 95% of all materials removed during demolition.  This includes the concrete foundations which will be crushed and re-used on-site for a haul road, material staging area and structural fill.
If you have questions or concerns please call our 24-hour message hotline at 206-987-7744 or e-mail us at