Temporary Giraffe Entrance Design

Thank you for your patience as we constructed the temporary exterior entrance at the Giraffe building this week.  The development of the entrance is complete and we plan to add paint to the exterior and interior during the next two weeks.  We will work around people entering and leaving the building to minimize any disruption. The design was created to  incorporate Seattle Children’s brand colors and patterns and the entrance will also feature an information center to share current information about the expansion.

If you missed our earlier message about the entrance you will want to note that this temporary entrance will be in place for the duration of our first phase of construction and is designed to keep everyone, particularly patients, safer as work on the future construction site may stir up dust, pollen or debris. The entrance will incorporate fans which will blow any dust or pollen off people as they walk through, and keep any debris from entering the hospital.

If you have questions or comments please call our 24-hour message hotline at 206-987-7744 or email us at construction@seattlechildrens.org