Additional artwork is now on display as part of a fence that has been raised around Seattle Children’s campus expansion site. Per a neighborhood request, an additional 250-foot extension was recently added to the existing 250 feet of original wall. The artwork was designed by Amy Ruppel with nature as a central theme and stretches down Sand Point Way, along sections of 40th Ave Northeast and up Northeast 45th Street, as a way to help camouflage the construction underway. 

The artwork includes images of animals you will find living on the hospital grounds. Hummingbirds, squirrels and butterflies dot the green expanse. Passers by might admire the careful detail, such as two birds on a branch seeming to have a conversation, or the rough texture of bark on a large tree framing the scene. It provides a pleasant visual and blockade to the busy work taking place behind it.  Just like the carefully tended gardens on campus, the fence reflects a sense of community, hope and the therapeutic powers of nature. The expanded campus will carry on this tradition of honoring a lush, green landscape that provides support to the many living beings who call this place home and the children and families who come here for care.