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Two Community Meetings and Free Bike Helmets!

You’re invited to two community meetings about transportation improvements happening in NE Seattle.

March 19, 2011   
10am to 2pm    
Laurelhurst Elementary  
4530 46th Ave NE   
Seattle, WA 98105   

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Construction Can Be Loud—We’ll Do What We Can

Seattle Children’s construction team is taking steps to reduce noise whenever possible during the hospital expansion. Although some construction-related noise is unavoidable, the team is working hard to create a peaceful environment on the campus. Read full post »

Soil Testing on Monday, February 21

A crew will test bore four holes at the intersection of 40th Ave. NE and Sand Point Way on Monday Feb. 21 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  This will cause some noise and vibration.  There will be a service truck and trailer parked along the NW side of 40th Ave NE near the intersection at Sand Point Way close to the drilling operation.

If you have questions or concerns please call our 24-hour message hotline at 206-987-7744 or e-mail us at

White Blooms Add Interest to Dreary Winter Days

Guest post by:  Jeff Hughes, Grounds & Sustainability Manager at Seattle Children’s

A plant with delicate white blooms, called Snowdrop, (Galanthus nivalis) can be seen prominently on Seattle Children’s Hospital campus along Penny Drive. These curved, graceful flowers can survive the harshness of winter and will sprout their green shoots up through the snow. This bulbous perennial blooms in late winter into early spring and was intentionally placed by the grounds team to spark visual interest for the gardens during the dark winter months.

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Upcoming Weekend Work Planned

A team will be working this Saturday, Feb. 12, from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and Sunday, Feb. 13, from 7 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. to support the hospital expansion project. The onsite work team will place optical fiber and support structures for future Comcast telecommunications and internet systems.

Expect to see trucks on 45th Street near Sand Point Way NE. Passersby will see team members working on a pole near this junction. The work is expected to continue regardless of weather—rain or shine!

To see the area of interest, see and search 45th Street and Sand Point Way NE.


Precious Plants in Transition

Seattle Children’s grounds and plant experts are identifying and saving precious plants from the hospital construction site and preparing to replant them. Being ‘green’ and taking an environmentally sustainable approach to landscaping is an ongoing commitment. Signs of this major effort are already in play. Read full post »

Commitment to Creating Jobs

Seattle Children’s is helping to create local jobs in collaboration with construction partners and vendors.  The hospital’s expansion and related construction has generated jobs for carpenters, electricians, landscapers and other building trades. The development translates into support for our local economy and for the people who work and live in our region. Read full post »

Team Makes Progress on ‘Green’ Goal

A guest blog from Todd Johnson, VP Facilities at Seattle Children’s

It’s exciting to see the progress at the current hospital expansion site. To date, the team has removed 5,333 tons of material from the construction grounds and diverted over 5,090 tons of material from going to a landfill. A key part of this effort is ‘being green’ and following sustainable practices while striving to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) status, a well-known green building rating. Read full post »

The Red Maple Tree has a Successful Move

Yesterday a giant 60-year-old maple tree (approximately 50 ft tall and 122,000 lbs), was moved from the Seattle Children’s construction site via crane and replanted in the park-like greenbelt along the campus perimeter that serves as an amenity to the surrounding community.  In preparation of transferring such a large, heavy and yet delicate tree, the hospital grounds team worked with seasoned arborists and experts to ensure the move went smoothly. Children’s Grounds and Sustainability Manger, Jeff Hughes talks us through the move in this video.

This move is part of a major effort orchestrated by Children’s transplant  thousands of plants from the construction site to areas throughout the existing campus—a majority of which will be replanted back on the site when construction is complete. Trees that cannot be salvaged will be locally milled and reused. This significant effort to conserve and enhance the campus landscape has a broad range of benefits for both people and the environment. A natural campus environment sets a healing tone for patient and family experience, serves as a therapeutic amenity and provides positive distractions.