Seattle Children’s is helping to create local jobs in collaboration with construction partners and vendors.  The hospital’s expansion and related construction has generated jobs for carpenters, electricians, landscapers and other building trades. The development translates into support for our local economy and for the people who work and live in our region.

Children’s partner, Sellen Construction, anticipates the number of people working in direct trades during the peak of the expansion project to be around 300. Many indirect jobs will also be created. Based on generally understood forecasting measures provided by the Associated General Contractors (AGC), for each $1 million invested in new construction, an additional 15.95 jobs are created across the economy. With several million invested, the positive economic impact on jobs will follow.

In the future, Children’s estimates that the hospital will hire around 600 full time employees (FTEs) to support the expansion and related increase in bed space for patients for this first phase of construction.