Seattle Children’s construction team is taking steps to reduce noise whenever possible during the hospital expansion. Although some construction-related noise is unavoidable, the team is working hard to create a peaceful environment on the campus.

Here are some things the crew is doing to reduce construction sounds:

  • Using electric motors whenever possible. The substitution of quieter electric machines versus those with combustion engines can sometimes be run more quietly.
  •  Using sound dampening materials. When possible, the team has placed a temporary wall with sound absorption qualities to dampen noise and serve as a shield.
  •  Minimizing use of some noisier machines. Although critical for some building efforts, tools such as a vacuum truck and vibratory rollers do create noise, and their use, when possible is limited.

As an ongoing practice, these noise mitigation techniques and others are all part of a plan to minimize the impact of construction for our visitors and surrounding community.

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