Seattle Children’s grounds and plant experts are identifying and saving precious plants from the hospital construction site and preparing to replant them. Being ‘green’ and taking an environmentally sustainable approach to landscaping is an ongoing commitment. Signs of this major effort are already in play.

You can see a dazzling array of plants in various stages of growth representing this work in Children’s staging garden. This special grouping of plants—ranging from a lovely pink rose (a gallica rose called Rosa `Charles de Mills’) to a flowering pear (called Pyrus calleryana `Chanticleer’)—are being saved, nurtured and cared for in preparation for replanting. This will be a multi-month process requiring horticultural expertise… it is not for the plant novice!

Jeff Hughes, Children’s manager of grounds and sustainability, points out that when these plants are relocated, the grounds will have many mature plantings, creating an advanced start with sturdy plants and larger trees to the landscape. And salvaging plant material from the construction site means less cost to landscape the new grounds.