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Phil Smart Sr. Celebrates Hospital Expansion Anniversary

Guest blog entry from Phil Smart Sr., Seattle Children’s Hospital Volunteer

It’s marvelous to celebrate the one year anniversary of Seattle Children’s Hospital expansion effort called Building Hope.

As I reflect back just 365 days ago – the City of Seattle’s approval of the hospital’s Major Institutional Master Plan represented a new beginning. Now it’s becoming reality. This milestone is especially important for the thousands of children who will come to Children’s for care in the years ahead. Read full post »

Seattle Children’s and the UW to Partner on New Housing Project

A Message from Lisa Brandenburg, SVP and Chief Administrative Officer, Children’s Hospital

I am pleased to share with you that we are in the final stages of an agreement with the University of Washington (UW) to develop a new multi-family housing project in the University District in Seattle. You may recall that the Major Institutional Master Plan that guides our campus expansion requires us to replace the housing lost due to the redevelopment of Laurelton Terrace.

This new housing will be located on the west side of 11th Avenue NE near NE 47th Street, just north of the UW Tower and to the northeast of our Roosevelt Commons administrative site. It will provide affordable housing options for employees of both the UW and Children’s and the public. Workforce employees for these organizations will have prioritized access to all units prior to making them available to the public.

The new housing offers many benefits for the community, including living areas located close to work sites and transit, and can ultimately help to reduce single occupancy vehicle traffic in the area. This project will provide at least 34 “affordable” units that will be rented to people who make 75 percent or less of the greater Seattle area median household income.

The UW will provide the land for approximately 200 units, and we will collaborate with them to select a developer after a competitive bidding process has been completed. We expect there to be a mix of unit sizes from studio to three-bedroom to provide a range of affordability and size to residents.

We expect design work to begin in 2012, construction in 2013 and the units to be available for occupancy in 2014. As the project develops, we will provide additional updates about this important project.

Community Meeting Reminder

You’re invited to two community meetings about transportation improvements happening in NE Seattle.

April 30, 2011
Open House
10am to 2pm    
Center for Urban Horticulture
NHS Hall
3501 NE 41st Street
Seattle, WA 98195 Read full post »

Safety is Key on Construction Site

Safety is Sellen Construction’s top priority as the crew makes progress on the Seattle Children’s Hospital expansion project. The team has a comprehensive safety program and you’ll see signs of this as you look out over the landscape including flagging, the use of hard hats, roped off areas and more.

The components of a successful safety program include mitigating risks through a solid risk prevention plan, appropriate training and clear guidelines. This ensures that accidents do not happen. As one aspect of this effort, only Sellen Construction personnel are allowed on the construction site, with rare exception.  When staff or guests ask for a tour of the construction site while work is in progress, the answer will be “no” due to safety concerns. Read full post »

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! Actually – It’s a Crane

As you look skyward on Seattle Children’s Hospital campus, you will soon see a construction crane some 244 feet in the air. The base for this tower crane will be set between April 12 and 18. It will be used by the construction team over the next year to move heavy materials to support the hospital expansion project.

The tower crane will be higher than the hospital building itself. In fact, the bottom of the crane’s boom is 40 feet higher than the top of the mechanical penthouse. This is because clearance is needed between the top of the building and the crane’s hook and cable. The crane will stretch along the construction site but will not swing over adjacent private property. It will be active during construction hours which generally run from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Read full post »

Traffic to Increase Near Construction Site This Week

There will be increased truck traffic along Sand Point Way and NE 40th Street related to Seattle Children’s Hospital construction work starting today and lasting through April 22. The contractor will be removing soil from the hospital building foundation area, and since we have achieved the full stockpile of soil, we will be exporting the remainder. This effort will require multiple trucks to enter and leave the construction site.

There will be flaggers available to direct traffic when these trucks merge back onto NE 40th Street.

For questions please call 206-987-6197 or email

The Camera Loves Where’s Waldo™!

Several local television stations have picked up the Where’s Waldo™ story about his visit to Seattle Children’s Hospital construction site. Children’s, in partnership with Sellen Construction, is supporting a Where’s Waldo™ game to provide a fun way for patients, families and visitors to follow our progress as we build a new hospital of the future.

To see some of these stories, click on the links below.


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Careful Camouflage Offered by the Yew Plant

Guest blog by:  Jeff Hughes, Grounds & Sustainability Manager at Seattle Children’s

As you walk along the perimeter of the hospital grounds, you will notice lovely Yew (Taxus baccata) hedges that create a smooth green wall and careful camouflage, masking the current hospital construction site. This evergreen hedge is hardy in shade or sun, and is being strategically placed along Sand Point Way to provide some plant interest as the project continues. This planting is part of the hospital’s commitment to the neighborhood to minimize the visual impact of the construction effort for those who live in the surrounding area, and will become part of the finished landscape once construction has subsided.

Watch the video with Jeff Hughes, Grounds and Sustainability Manager at Seattle Children’s: