As you look skyward on Seattle Children’s Hospital campus, you will soon see a construction crane some 244 feet in the air. The base for this tower crane will be set between April 12 and 18. It will be used by the construction team over the next year to move heavy materials to support the hospital expansion project.

The tower crane will be higher than the hospital building itself. In fact, the bottom of the crane’s boom is 40 feet higher than the top of the mechanical penthouse. This is because clearance is needed between the top of the building and the crane’s hook and cable. The crane will stretch along the construction site but will not swing over adjacent private property. It will be active during construction hours which generally run from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Here are a few notable facts about this crane:

• Quality: It is a model known for its quality and durability

• Strength: It can lift up to 40,000 pounds

• Speed: It has a 147 horse-power, four speed motor

• All electric: An important aspect of an electric crane versus a motorized crane is that it has no motor noise and is more environmentally friendly than other cranes.

So the next time you pass by the hospital, look up! This new crane is a sign that we’re working hard to create more space to care for the children in our region.

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