Safety is Sellen Construction’s top priority as the crew makes progress on the Seattle Children’s Hospital expansion project. The team has a comprehensive safety program and you’ll see signs of this as you look out over the landscape including flagging, the use of hard hats, roped off areas and more.

The components of a successful safety program include mitigating risks through a solid risk prevention plan, appropriate training and clear guidelines. This ensures that accidents do not happen. As one aspect of this effort, only Sellen Construction personnel are allowed on the construction site, with rare exception.  When staff or guests ask for a tour of the construction site while work is in progress, the answer will be “no” due to safety concerns.

In order to maintain this safety record, here are a few reasons why we must adhere to this plan:

  •  Infection control
  • The safety of our visitors
  • The safety of our construction staff
  • Regulatory requirements

 There are several places where you can safely observe the construction progress from the hospital, including the Giraffe lobby waiting area and Starbucks Coffee on the Giraffe level.

For questions please call 206-987-6197 or email