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See Our Progress In Less Than a Minute!

It’s said that time flashes in front of our eyes – and is that ever true about the live Web cam that tracks the progress on our construction site! In less than a minute, you can see how far we’ve come since last September when our site preparations began.

You can check out any day during the past eight months to see what the site looked like on that day, or click on “Time Lapse” to see how time flies when you are Building Hope.

View the Time Lapse Camera.

Meet Crane Operator Greg Pzybilski

Greg Pzybilski runs the construction crane on the Seattle Children’s Hospital campus. He’s part of the Sellen Construction team that is helping to build Children’s hospital of the future. Here’s a short series of questions and Greg’s answers (Q&A) that will tell you a bit more about him and the work he does every day!

Q. How do you get up to the crane each day?

A. There is a ladder up the middle of the crane that I climb every day.

Q. Are you afraid of heights?

A. Yes, but I’ve gotten used to it. Read full post »

Building Hope Crane Naming Contest

Our Seattle Children’s Hospital construction crane needs a name. Can you help?

Children’s is building additional room to serve the region’s growing number of pediatric patients. To continue to raise visibility about this effort called ‘Building Hope’ and offer a fun opportunity for our patients and families, the hospital is conducting a construction crane naming contest!

Visit the website and fill out an entry. We will contact the winner and post the winning name on the Construction Blog in June, once a name has been selected. Read full post »

Utility Work Planned for This Saturday

We wanted to let you know that workers will be performing some important utility work this Saturday, May 23, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The work will take place on the work site and is expected to be fairly quiet. The workers will be using equipment to dig out trenches and install trench boxes and pipe bedding. In addition, the crane operator and a technician will be making adjustments to the crane from about 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The crane will be moving occasionally, but not performing work.

Please call 206-987-6197 or email with any questions.

The Stories Behind the Building Hope Effort at Seattle Children’s Hospital

The need for Seattle Children’s expansion has never been so clear as when you hear directly from the patients and families we serve. In this video you’ll meet families who have come to Children’s for care they can’t get anywhere else. They underscore the reasons why the hospital is embarking on a journey to increase the much-needed space available for cancer and critical care, called Building Hope. It is designed to expand our capacity to between 500 and 600 beds by 2030.

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Waldo Adds Spark of Fun While Waiting for Life-saving Transplant

Guest blog entry from Erica Colón and her daughter Ava

Ava was born with a heart defect at the Tacoma General Hospital and sent to Seattle Children’s Hospital within a week of being born. As a first-time mom, this was very overwhelming!

The Tacoma medical team said Children’s was the best place to take care of her heart. She came by ambulance. My husband Dan and I soon learned that she would need a heart transplant.

We’re waiting for that right heart to come along… We’re hoping every day that we’ll get a call. Read full post »

Celebrating Nurses Week

In honor of the outstanding care provided by the nurses at Seattle Children’s Hospital, the Sellen Construction crew along with their friend Waldo, placed this sign on the hospital construction site this past week.

National Nurses Week is celebrated annually from May 6 through May 12 – the birthday of Florence Nightingale and the founder of modern nursing. Thank you to the many nurses who work hard everyday with the patients and families at Seattle Children’s!

Seattle Children’s Is Noted for Its Eco-friendly Efforts

Seattle Children’s recently won the 2010 Practice Greenhealth’s Partner for Change With Distinction Award for its extensive green efforts.

“It is an honor to receive this recognition,” shared Mitch Birchfield, director of Environmental Services. “Our overarching goal is to be a great neighbor by promoting environmental practices and supporting our increasingly green culture dedicated to the health of patients, workers and our community.”

Here is a list of highlights showing many of Children’s green efforts in 2010 that led to this award:

• Children’s recycling program increased by 34%

• Children’s staff bicycled to work 439,000 miles (avoiding 71,000 vehicle trips and saving about $136,000 in personal vehicle costs)

• 34 tons of pharmaceutical waste were diverted from landfills and waterways

• 12 tons of compostable materials from the hospital’s main campus Operating Room were diverted from the solid waste stream

• 2,000 plants, trees and groundcover were salvaged from the Laurelon Terrace construction site

• At least $25,000 were realized in cost savings to propagate plants from existing plants/trees/shrubs

• 4.5 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions were reduced by staff not driving alone to work

• 626 tons of mixed materials were recycled

Jeff Hughes, manager of Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship, believes it is all about sustainability as we look toward the future. “We’re pleased with the acknowledgement of our eco-friendly efforts,” he shared. “With the hospital’s master plan, we have to look at each phase of the growth process and find ways to incorporate green ideas into the plans. As part of this, we’ve planted more than 2,000 species and varietals of plants and trees from around the world that encircle the main campus and act as emotional therapy for patients, families and staff.”

Seattle Children’s Hospital Celebrates New Addition With Site Dedication Ceremony

Seattle Children’s hosted a site dedication ceremony last week to celebrate the first phase of a hospital expansion plan to move from a 250-bed facility to a 500 to 600-bed facility by 2030.

Serving a four-state region including Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho, Children’s launched this expansion to serve an increasing regional pediatric population that is growing faster than the national average. Read full post »

A Message of Hope

Guest Blog by Lisa Owen, mother and parent shares her family’s story of cancer survival

Our path to Seattle Children’s was forged nearly five years ago on June 13, 2006. You may wonder why I remember the exact day, but you would too if you were told that your son had a brain tumor.

When I learned this news, our son Keaton was just 16 months old; we had a happy, healthy three-year-old daughter, Mason, and busy lives. I can still remember this moment when time seemed to stop and our world changed forever. Read full post »