Guest Blog by Jeff Hughes, Grounds & Sustainability Manager at Seattle Children’s

I have so many hopes for this campus! Twenty years from now, when our Building Hope expansion is complete, I’m hoping that:

a.) I’ll be retired,

b.) we’ll have the greenest, most sustainable hospital in the U.S.

Here are just a few favorites from my wish list … it’s a big list, but I’m hoping we can shoot for it:

• At least 41% of our campus remains open space, filled with lush, diverse plantings that invite people to linger, stroll, breathe, heal and restore. We have a unique, therapeutic campus!

• More than 100 years of green wisdom on this campus will translate to a truly special environment, enjoyed by patients, families, staff, neighbors and passersby.

• Promises we’ve made to neighbors have been addressed with integrity, honesty, pride and follow-through.

• Every tree or shrub we’ve moved has found a new home or will be replanted on the site closer to opening.

• We have some kind of special water feature on site.

• We’ve explored rain gardens and bioswale, and lessened our environmental footprint through careful, environmentally conscious plantings and methods.

• Green roofs!

• We have campus maps to point visitors to multiple garden vignettes, pathways, special features and specimens.

• We continue to have families and neighbors enjoy the fruits of our labors (literally!)

• Edible plants are incorporated into the dietary department and cafeteria.

• We’ll have more outdoor art.

• We’ll continue to have the longest-running plant sale in Washington.

• Wildlife will really flourish here: many birds, ducklings, butterflies, raccoons, great herons … we’ll have great nests, songs, critters and bugs, lots of bugs!

• A few special donors who understand the healing value of nature and sustainable landscapes, who want to help us create some of these features and leave a green legacy for everyone to enjoy.

• The weeds will know where we want them, and only grow there. (OK, that one’s not so likely).

Questions or comments? Feel free to contact Jeff Hughes directly:

206-987-3889 or