Gary Boyd is an ironworker for RPM Steel, one of the companies working with the Sellen Construction team to bring hope – and our new hospital – to life. After learning how much hospital patients and staff enjoyed looking for Waldo, he decided to become a Walking Waldo and add to the fun. We caught up with Gary to find out more. 

Q. Hi Gary, how did you get started as Walking Waldo?

A. After I started on this job, my wife saw the news report about the Where’s Waldo? that moves around the construction and thought it would be fun to get a couple of costumes and have some of the guys wear them while they work.

Q. How many Walking Waldos are on the construction site?

A. There are three of us walking around in costume now. Mike Carey who hooks items to the crane and Marvin Hebert who works for me, and myself.

Q. How did you get the outfits?

A. My wife went online and found them at the costume store or something. We wear the shirts and the pull the stocking cap over our construction hats.

Q. What do you like about it?

A. Well, it gives people a little extra reason to come to work; and adds a little flavor to the job.

Q. What do you do on the construction site?

A. I tie all the steel rebar before we pour the concrete around it. I’ve been doing it for 30 years.

Q. How do the kids react to the Walking Waldos?

A. It’s fun because everyone waves and hollers at us. We look up sometimes and we see the kids looking down at us. They put a sign up on the window that said “Thank You Waldo.”

Q. What do you like about being one of the Walking Waldos?

A. It’s great to put a smile on the kids’ faces. It’s kind of gratifying.

Q. Here’s what everyone wants to know: how often do you wash the outfit?

A. <Laughs> About once a week.

Q. Thanks Gary.

A. Any time.