Hats off to the construction crews who are building an amazing facility where our region’s sickest kids will receive life-saving care, while also helping Seattle Children’s keep our commitment to being good stewards of the environment.

We set – and met – our goal to reuse or recycle 95% of the eligible materials from the Laurelon Terrace site. Here are some details:

4,941 tons of material were recycled or reused:

3,983.22 tons of material where recycled off-site, including;

• 3,893.84 tons of concrete

• 54.76 tons of metal

• 34.62 tons of wood

958.47 tons of material reused onsite

• 545.49 tons of brick

• 412.98 tons of concrete

Thanks to relationships that our construction partner, Sellen Construction, has fostered over several years, much of the materials recycled from Laurelon Terrace are being turned into new construction materials through “closed-loop recycling.” Closed loop recycling reduces the demand for virgin materials, diverts materials from the landfills, and creates new products and jobs.

Here are some examples of how old materials are turned into new products through closed loop recycling:

• Recycled wood is turned into mulch for landscaping

• Gypsum from drywall gets recycled and added to the cement used in concrete mixes

• Metal gets melted down at Nucor in West Seattle and is turned into new rebar

• Concrete gets recycled and turned into non-structural fill

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Information: 206-987-6197

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Sellen Construction

Tim McKey

Project Superintendent