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Steel Structure Construction Begins August 1

We will be shifting from concrete foundation work to constructing our steel structure on August 1.

It’s an exciting time. Our progress will be more visible, and it will produce a different type of noise than the foundation work. The overall decibel level will be about the same, but rather than the constant engine-hum-type noise, you’ll hear sounds more traditionally associated with construction. There will be more sharp bang and clang type noises as we bolt up beams and drop the decking in place. Read full post »

Where’s Waldo? At the Crane Naming!

You can never be sure where and when Waldo will pop up, but he’s always in the most interesting places at the most interesting times. Last week, he made a special appearance at the festivities to name our tower crane “Pagasa”. How did he get up all the way up there? We don’t know, and Waldo won’t tell!

Q13 Features our Name the Crane Winner

Q13 was on-site yesterday for our Name the Crane Ceremony. Four year-old Seattle Children’s patient Jonathan, won the “Name the Crane” contest and got to meet the “Building Hope” construction site crane operator. He also saw his winning name revealed on large banners fixed to the tower crane overlooking the construction site. The crane’s new name is “Pagasa,” which means “Hope” in Tagalog, a Filipino dialect. Watch the coverage here.

Our Crane Has a Name

The winners of the Name the Crane contest were honored at a July 19 ceremony held near the construction site. Jonathan, age 4, received first place for his entry Pagasa, which means “hope” in Tagalog, a Filipino dialect, and is pronounced pug-ah-sa’. According to Jonathan, Seattle Children’s is building a ‘high-high-high-in-the-sky building of hope”, so that’s what we should call it!

Jonathan received a replica of the crane and a Children’s fleece, and a visit with the crane operator and a few of the Sellen construction team crew members. Read full post »

Mock Up Helps Test Building’s Exterior Finishes

Have you noticed a fairly tall structure popping up on the Building Hope construction site?

It’s a mock up of Building Hope’s exterior walls. The mock up will help us test the materials we plan to use on the outside of our new building.

Two 31-foot-tall by 15-foot-wide exterior walls are being erected to form a ‘corner’ of the building and will have all the elements of the building and the major exterior finish conditions. Finish conditions are things like how the materials are set and attached to the building. This is especially important where two different types of materials meet – like where metal meets stone, or stone meets window frames – or where materials turn a corner. Read full post »

Construction Project Timeline: Summer to Fall 2011

Lots of work has been accomplished since we began working last September to create more space to care for the children of our region fighting cancer and critical illness – and so far, most of it has been at ground level or below.

That’s about to change! During the next few months we will see elements of the new structure begin to rise into the air. Here are a few things to look for: Read full post »