Lots of work has been accomplished since we began working last September to create more space to care for the children of our region fighting cancer and critical illness – and so far, most of it has been at ground level or below.

That’s about to change! During the next few months we will see elements of the new structure begin to rise into the air. Here are a few things to look for:

Next week, construction crews began creating the foundations for the skybridge that will connect the new hospital building to our existing building. Beginning in October, the skybridge structure will be built while keeping existing patient spaces undisturbed until later in the project.

In August, the crews will begin constructing the steel frame of the new building. This work and the metal floor decking and concrete fill will continue into December. We look forward to the topping out of the building in December – that’s when we place the American flag on the highest point of a new building.

July and August 2011

The electrical vaults, which will transition power from Seattle City Light to the Seattle Children’s campus will be set between the existing and new building.

August and September 2011

Crews will create the trench and install the electrical conduits that will provide the new building’s primary power supply.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Tim McKey, Project Superintendent