Have you noticed a fairly tall structure popping up on the Building Hope construction site?

It’s a mock up of Building Hope’s exterior walls. The mock up will help us test the materials we plan to use on the outside of our new building.

Two 31-foot-tall by 15-foot-wide exterior walls are being erected to form a ‘corner’ of the building and will have all the elements of the building and the major exterior finish conditions. Finish conditions are things like how the materials are set and attached to the building. This is especially important where two different types of materials meet – like where metal meets stone, or stone meets window frames – or where materials turn a corner.

Mock-ups like these help us identify – and fix – any issues before the exterior finishes are put on the building. Sellen crews will also use the mock-up to test the building skin’s ability to repel water.

Look for the mock-up just north of Sellen’s construction trailers – it’s visible from the Giraffe round-about. The north wall of the mock-up will have the 12″ vertical metal panels and the structural glazed curtain wall, which is a very large window framing system more than one story high that needs to be specially engineered. . On the south wall of the mock-up you will see elements of the strip windows, storefront glazing system, louvers, metal wall panels and the exterior stone cladding.

In addition to testing the durability of items mentioned above, the mock-up gives us the chance to evaluate the final materials and colors selected for the building exterior.

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