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Connecting the Hospital and Our Community Is Like a Walk in the Park

An element of the Building Hope campus designed for both the hospital and surrounding community is the pocket park and garden walk.

This informal park is a place for families to enjoy the outdoors, including colorful plantings, inviting walkways and a custom piece of art. The park is a cozy gathering space where people from both the hospital and the surrounding community can pause and relax. Read full post »

Allowing cancer patients to experience the benefits of open space and fresh air

One of many features incorporated into the Building Hope expansion would serve patients who suffer from the devastating side effects of cancer treatment: a 6th floor rooftop terrace. This terrace, which we hope to build through contributions from our donors, would be transformed into a beautiful space – with a green roof and a deck that would be easily accessible from the cancer unit. Read full post »

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Do you enjoy reading the updates in the Construction blog? You can easily stay informed about Children’s construction activity by signing up to receive an email notification each time we post a new blog entry. Just type your email address in the “Subscribe by Email” box and click “Subscribe.” Read full post »

The Color of a Promise: Green

With Jeff Hughes, Grounds & Sustainability Manager at Seattle Children’s

We all care about our homes, our streets, where we raise our children, property values and how neighborhoods and communities are built. That’s a good thing! Great neighborhoods and cities come from that. At Seattle Children’s, it’s incredibly important for us to be a great neighbor. Read full post »

Wow – That’s a Lot of Steel!

A lot of different materials go into building a structure like Building Hope. One of those is steel… and a lot of it! Here are some fun facts about the amount of steel being used in our new facility:  Read full post »

Building Hope: Critical Care

Our patients and families – and the staff who care for them – intimately understand the pressing need to expand our critical care units. You’ll meet several family members and nurses in this video who will show you what it’s like to receive and provide care in the existing facility. Seeing the hospital experience from their perspective illuminates why Seattle Children’s is Building Hope and expanding our facility to meet the needs of the children and families who need us most.

Where’s Waldo Today?

Hi there, Waldo fans! Did you see me today? If you missed me then keep on looking. I’m out there, on the construction site! If you can’t find me, here’s why: you just need to look harder.

I might be anywhere. I could be far to the left, way over to the right, up high or even down low. I might be sitting. Or maybe I’m standing. I’m in the open sometimes, and other times I’m hiding behind things, peeking out. I can be easy to find, or you might have to really search. You’ll always know who I am, with my red and white stripey shirt and matching hat. I come to work every day Monday through Friday, so don’t give up if you don’t see me right away. I’m there, keeping my eyes on things and watching over everyone. Read full post »

A Mom Reflects on Her Daughter’s Lifesaving Care

Allison was only 6 weeks old when she suddenly became gravely ill. She was rushed to Seattle Children’s where she was diagnosed with Streptococcus Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Toxins in Allison’s blood – caused by the bacterium in common strep throat – led to an infection that threatened her life.

Her family was overwhelmed by this life-and-death situation. The only option was to place her on ECMO – a machine that provides cardiac and respiratory support while a patient’s heart or lungs heal – and ultimately Allison made a remarkable recovery. Read full post »

Another (Fun) Thing to Spot on Construction Site

Red with white strips is no longer the only fashion statement being made on the Building Hope construction site. Starting this week, sunshine-yellow shirts have begun appearing.

Sellen gave the reflective, bright yellow shirts to the crew to thank them for their hard work. The shirts have the construction firm’s logo on the front and the Building Hope – Seattle Children’s logo on the back. Read full post »

Steel Structure Construction

Steel construction prep work has begun and the actual steel structure (columns and beams) will become visible on August 8.