A lot of different materials go into building a structure like Building Hope. One of those is steel… and a lot of it! Here are some fun facts about the amount of steel being used in our new facility: 

• There will be a total of 2,786 tons of steel in the new structure. That’s 5,572,000 pounds!

• We’ll use 2,632 tons of steel for the building structure, and 154 tons for the bridge structure that connects the current building to the new expansion.

• 5,572,000 pounds is about the same as 2,143 giraffes; 309 Orca whales; 20 freight train locomotives; 4 space shuttle rocket boosters; or 3,482 Cessna 150 airplanes.

• It will take at least 100 truckloads to haul all of the steel to the construction site.

• You could build about 3,000 cars with the amount of steel being used for Building Hope. 

There are a lot of reasons why steel is used in construction. It is very strong, durable and it is also recyclable!

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