Hi there, Waldo fans! Did you see me today? If you missed me then keep on looking. I’m out there, on the construction site! If you can’t find me, here’s why: you just need to look harder.

I might be anywhere. I could be far to the left, way over to the right, up high or even down low. I might be sitting. Or maybe I’m standing. I’m in the open sometimes, and other times I’m hiding behind things, peeking out. I can be easy to find, or you might have to really search. You’ll always know who I am, with my red and white stripey shirt and matching hat. I come to work every day Monday through Friday, so don’t give up if you don’t see me right away. I’m there, keeping my eyes on things and watching over everyone.

If you can’t see me from your window or hallway, you might need to move to spot me. I travel around, so everyone has a chance to find me from where they are. If it’s OK for you to move and walk, you can try asking your nurse, mom or dad to help you find me. They might walk with you to a different view…maybe I’m there! For some of you, it’s good for you to move and walk, if you can get out of bed and you’re feeling well enough. Moving can help some of you to heal and feel better faster. That’s another reason I move every day, to help you move with me!

Every morning when you wake up I’m in a different place, I promise. If you don’t see me today, try again tomorrow. Sometimes I’m easy to find, but sometimes I’m sneaky. (Those are the days for you super-duper-advanced-mega-hero-Waldo-spotters. I know there are some of you out there).

As the construction site changes, I’ll have all kinds of new places to be or hide, with new things to watch. I love to watch all the machines and activity, just like you.

If you see me, wave at the window! The construction workers are busy and working hard, but sometimes when they see you wave they might be able to wave back. They like knowing they’re making the hospital bigger to help more families like yours.