In July we introduced you to the Building Hope mock-up that can be seen on the construction site. It’s made up of two 31-foot-tall by 15-foot-wide exterior walls erected to form a ‘corner’ of the building and show the elements of the building and the major exterior finish conditions.

Here’s some more information about the design and materials planned for the new building:

Our design team at ZGF Architects chose materials and colors to complement existing buildings on the Children’s campus as well as the surrounding neighborhood. There are three predominant materials that will be used: a cream-colored stone that is lapped on the building in a shingle-style; zinc panels; and glass, including horizontal and vertical sun shades that add color and interest to the building’s exterior.

The construction project is on schedule and we’re on track to finish in spring 2013. We’ve completed the concrete foundations and have moved on to placing the steel framing and flooring materials. This work will continue into October and will be followed by the construction of the building enclosure and the build-out of the interior spaces. About a year from now we’ll begin improvements around the building, which will include new sidewalks and extensive landscaping.

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