It’s time to celebrate! Those who live near and work at Seattle Children’s main hospital campus know that bus service to the area is fairly limited. So we’re excited to announce that King County Metro Route 65 is now serving Children’s and the surrounding neighborhood!

The new route arrives within three blocks of the hospital every 10 minutes during peak hours and every 30 minutes in the middle of the day; the stop is located at 40th Ave. NE and NE 51st Street. Route 65 runs on weekdays and weekends; see the schedule for all of the details.

Route 65 turns into Route 67 (and vice-versa) and runs between Northgate and the University of Washington. See the map for the entire 65-67 route.


Questions? Please call:

Information: 206-987-6197

24-Hour Emergency Hotline:

Sellen Construction

Tim McKey

Project Superintendent