I hide everywhere, so I know…water is also everywhere. It’s in the rain, in pools, oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and puddles, especially here in wet Seattle. It’s in plants and trees, in animals, in our cats and dogs, and even in our bodies in our tiniest parts called cells. We can’t live without clean, healthy water. And our planet can’t live without clean, healthy water. Keeping water clean is important for everyone.

The construction site is full of water! Can you see different ways you know there’s water? The workers have all kinds of special things they do with water.

There’s a big water tank. Can you find it?

The big pond full of water is actually collecting all the “runoff” and rain water, to clean it before the water leaves the site in big pipes and drains. The dirt is getting removed from the water before it flows back into the city’s drain system. It’s not a swimming pond, or a fishing pond. It’s a water cleaning pond!

There’s even a special truck wheel washer! I love this part. It’s toward the middle of the site. Do you see it? Every truck that comes in from the right side needs to drive through this wheel washer, before it goes back out and leaves on the left side onto neighborhood streets. When the trucks drive through it squirts water all over the lower parts of the truck to clean it. All the dirt comes off. Just like when you wash your dirty feet before coming into the house or going to bed, or like taking a shower before getting into the swimming pool. The construction workers want to keep the streets clean. There’s even a special soapy liquid in the water that makes dirt heavy, so it washes off and sinks to the bottom. It’s like the trucks are taking a bath!

There’s a rain measuring gauge, too. This counts how much rain water comes into the construction site. And here’s the coolest part: every bit of water that hits the construction site gets held and “purified,” or cleaned, before it leaves the site again, flowing out in special drains. The water comes in, gets dirty, then gets cleaned up and flows out clean. Now that’s a lot of special work!

Speaking of water, did you know your body is mostly water? That’s the real truth. That’s one reason why it’s good to keep drinking lots of water, healthy juice and fluids. (Not so smart to drink soda, since that adds tons of sugar). That’s why nurses, doctors, moms and dads like you to drink when you’re in the hospital. Sometimes it even helps you get better faster! So…drink your water, drink your juice, wash your dirty feet, wash your dog’s dirty feet, and be a good neighbor.