Here it is, Waldo fans… It’s time for a Building Hope construction site scavenger hunt. Here’s a list to get you started. Check off all the things you can see. Go as fast as you can, to see if you can beat your time record. And if you’re really advanced, you can list how many of each thing you see. (Hint: sometimes there may only be one. Sometimes two. Or maybe there are 12! Or even a bazillion, too many to count).

And here’s a tip, if you’re here for awhile: ask your mom or dad for help on the harder to spot items. OK, here’s the list. How many can you find?:

o Construction crane

o Waldo: that’s me, of course!

o Dump truck

o Tarp

o Sandbag

o Ladder

o Shovel

o Office trailer

o Woman working

o Man working

o 2 people talking

o Sunglasses

o Water tank

o Fuel tank

o Mock-up example of what new building will look like

o Road

o Driveway

o Sign

o Fence

o Bathroom outside (did you know some call them an “outhouse,” or “port-a-potty?”)

o Foundation

o Hook

o Metal

o Wood

o Cement

o Plastic

o Forklift

o Sign “Pagasa” (it means “Hope,” in a dialect of the Filipino language)

o Crane operator

o Boots

o Helmet

o Vest

o Safety goggles

o Clipboard

o Truck washer

o Tool belt

o Walkie-talkie 2-way radio

o Safety harness

o Hose

o Car

o Delivery truck

o Inspector

o Water bottle