When the Building Hope expansion opens, it will include spaces that support families away from their child’s room – including “quiet rooms” for reflection. Currently, Seattle Children’s does not have private spaces that are removed from high-traffic areas of the hospital.

Caregivers have asked for areas where discussions about diagnoses, care options and advice can take place – as well as meditation and alone time. Private rooms for this purpose will be available on floors 4, 5 and 6 to provide families with space for comfort and healing during their stay at Children’s.

“Imagine how having a critically ill child in the hospital impacts families,” says Cathie Rea, RN, director of the intensive care units. “They’re under tremendous stress. Quiet rooms will give families a place to talk, cry or do whatever they need to do in a comforting environment. Then they can return to their child’s hospital room with renewed strength and commitment to the care plan.”

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