To design a world-class facility, it’s important to take into account the perspectives and opinions of the people who will occupy the new spaces – Seattle Children’s patients, families and staff.

Children’s held a design event earlier this fall where several nurses were invited to participate and provide feedback on how to make the new space the best that it can be. They were shown blueprints and tabletop replicas, and simulated their work in a warehouse-sized mock-up of the new building.

One of the people who participated was Christine Aquino, a nurse on the Medical Unit who has worked for Children’s since 2007.

“Working in a new facility is always exciting, but what makes this even better is that we were able to share input on how to design the new facility so it best supports our work,” she says.

Christine notes that some improved elements in the new space include bringing nursing care closer to bedside by having supplies and medications available when and where they are needed. “Other huge improvements are single patient rooms with more space and privacy for families; specific areas for medication preparation; and nursing stations that are located in the center of all the patient rooms” she continues.

In terms of how the new facility supports better care for patients and their families, Christine says that layout of new spaces allows nurses to monitor patients more closely and work in close proximity to patients, making it easier to involve parents as part of a child’s care team; and provides space for doctors and other caregivers to work side-by-side with nursing.