OK Waldo fans, it’s safety time. Just like when you wear a helmet when you ride your bike, construction workers have all kinds of special ways they stay safe. Construction can be dangerous work. Workers have to move heavy loads, use big machinery, tools and powerful equipment. Lots of things are moving and changing all the time, and workers need to stay safe. Can you see some of the ways the workers are being careful? Some of these are even required for everyone who enters the construction site, no matter what they’re doing:

Bright colored vests: These help workers see each other. With everything moving, it’s helpful to see people fast. See how their bright orange or yellow vests stand out? You can’t miss them! This is why you should also wear bright clothes when you’re out at night.

Safety hard hats: Everyone covers their head with a hard hat. If something falls or swings into where you are, you want to protect your head! Just like wearing your helmet when you’re skating, biking or rollerblading, construction workers need to keep their brains safe, too!

Safety goggles: Dirt, dust, falling objects, rocks, nails, even a ball that’s moving fast…all of these could hurt if they got in your eyes. Eye protection is very important. You only have one pair of eyes, and you need them to see. Construction workers protect their eyes with safety goggles (or safety glasses). You can wear safety goggles when you play some sports, too.

Safety harness/safety belt: If any worker is going up above four feet high, they are required to wear a safety harness. Can you see one? The safety harness catches them if they stumble, fall or accidentally get knocked over. With a harness they are much safer.

Back belt: Sometimes with all the moving, lifting and hard work it can be easy to hurt the muscles in your back. As people get older it can be easier to hurt your back, too. So some workers will wear a back belt or brace, to help support their back and keep it in a healthy position .

Work boots: Right shoe for the right job, right? You wouldn’t ski in tennis shoes, or skate in high heels, would you? The right shoes help workers to stay safe. They wear big boots that have metal in the toes, to protect their feet if something falls. There are so many tools, places to trip and fall, and big things around, the workers need strong, sturdy shoes so they can walk safely and keep their feet happy. The boots help their ankles, too. You won’t see construction workers in flimsy flip-flops, for sure!