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Waldo Discovers: What’s in a Hat?

I love hats! You’ll never see me anywhere without my own special red and white stripey hat. Did you know that you can sometimes tell what a construction worker does for their job, just by looking at the color of their hard hat? Now when you watch the workers, you might be able to guess what they’re working on from this clue. Different colors help everyone know who does what, and also know where everyone is. That’s helpful on a big construction site. Sometimes workers need to be tested and licensed to do certain jobs before they can wear the correct colored hard hat. A hat can tell you a lot about someone! Read full post »

Topping Out T-shirts Have Arrived!

In November we shared how at the end of each steel project, The Erection Company (TEC) creates a “topping out” T-shirt for their crew. For Building Hope, TEC invited Seattle Children’s patients to submit design ideas for the T-shirt and 11-year-old Zoe Ballard-Huffman’s design was chosen as the winner. Read full post »

Waldo Says: Safety is Job One!

OK Waldo fans, it’s safety time. Just like when you wear a helmet when you ride your bike, construction workers have all kinds of special ways they stay safe. Construction can be dangerous work. Workers have to move heavy loads, use big machinery, tools and powerful equipment. Lots of things are moving and changing all the time, and workers need to stay safe. Can you see some of the ways the workers are being careful? Some of these are even required for everyone who enters the construction site, no matter what they’re doing: Read full post »

Waldo’s Checklist: What Do You See?

Here it is, Waldo fans… It’s time for a Building Hope construction site scavenger hunt. Here’s a list to get you started. Check off all the things you can see. Go as fast as you can, to see if you can beat your time record. And if you’re really advanced, you can list how many of each thing you see. (Hint: sometimes there may only be one. Sometimes two. Or maybe there are 12! Or even a bazillion, too many to count). Read full post »

See Why “Bringing a Smile to Kids’ Faces” Has Been So Rewarding for Ironworkers

In this video, members of Local Ironworkers 86 share how asking what more they could do for Seattle Children’s, and how they could give back to patients and their families during the Building Hope expansion’s steel erection. Thanks again to this great group of men and women for the fantastic work they have completed, and for going above and beyond to create such a fun and memorable experience for everyone!

Seattle Children’s Says Thank You and Farewell to Ironworkers

As they wrap up steel erection work, Seattle Children’s would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Ironworkers Local 86 for going above and beyond their jobs and making construction of the Building Hope expansion such a fun and memorable experience for our patients, their families and our staff. Read full post »

Seattle Children’s Patients Invited to Take Part in Tradition and Design a Topping Out T-shirt

At the end of each steel project, The Erection Company (TEC) creates a “topping out” T-shirt for their crew. This time, after the topping out celebration for the Building Hope expansion, TEC invited Children’s patients to submit designs for the T-shirt. Working with Children’s Child Life team, patients of all ages submitted a variety of design ideas. Although all of the designs were fantastic, only one winner could be chosen: 11-year-old Zoe Ballard-Huffman. Read full post »

New Where’s Waldo? Book Available for Patients


It seems you can find Waldo just about everywhere on Seattle Children’s campus these days! He’s still popping up in different places on the construction site, and now our patients can try to find him in a new Where’s Waldo? book we’re making available to them. Read full post »

Children’s Community Says Thank You to Ironworkers

Patients, families, staff and the surrounding community were all touched when Ironworkers Local 86 began spray painting names of patients on the steel beams that make up the structure of the Building Hope expansion. Today, we invited people to share a note of thanks on our Facebook page and the response has been wonderful. Read full post »

Waldo Knows: Water is Everywhere!

I hide everywhere, so I know…water is also everywhere. It’s in the rain, in pools, oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and puddles, especially here in wet Seattle. It’s in plants and trees, in animals, in our cats and dogs, and even in our bodies in our tiniest parts called cells. We can’t live without clean, healthy water. And our planet can’t live without clean, healthy water. Keeping water clean is important for everyone.

The construction site is full of water! Can you see different ways you know there’s water? The workers have all kinds of special things they do with water. Read full post »