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Ironworkers Bring Cheer to Seattle Children’s Patients

The Seattle Times, Q13 Fox News and King 5 all covered the amazing work the Ironworkers Local 86 crew is doing to brighten the spirits of Seattle Children’s patients. Below are links to each story featuring Julian, 4 and Zac, 16. The story was also featured on the front page of the Seattle Times. To read more about the beam signing, click here


*Be sure to check out the overwhelmingly positive reader comments!

More Names Appearing on Beams

New names are appearing on our beams every day!  Kids (or their family members) can write their first names on paper signs and place them in their room widows; when the ironworkers spot the signs, they paint the children’s names on beams that face the hospital. Read full post »

Kids on Children’s Inpatient Units Say ‘Beam Me Up!’ to Ironworkers

Members of Ironworkers Local 86 who work on the Building Hope construction site are sharing good wishes with kids on Children’s inpatient units by painting get well messages on beams that are part of the new building’s structure. Kids (or their family members) can write their first names on paper signs and place them in their room widows; when the ironworkers spot the signs, they paint the children’s names on beams that face the hospital (see photo). Read full post »

Where’s Waldo Makes National News!

Waldo and the Sellen construction crew are featured as this week’s “Eric’s Little Heroes” on KOMO-4 News, and the story is also featured on ABC News’ national website! See how these daily Waldo sightings bring joy and a much-needed distraction to patients at Seattle Children’s, and how construction workers get caught up in the fun too! Read full post »

Where’s Waldo Today?

Hi there, Waldo fans! Did you see me today? If you missed me then keep on looking. I’m out there, on the construction site! If you can’t find me, here’s why: you just need to look harder.

I might be anywhere. I could be far to the left, way over to the right, up high or even down low. I might be sitting. Or maybe I’m standing. I’m in the open sometimes, and other times I’m hiding behind things, peeking out. I can be easy to find, or you might have to really search. You’ll always know who I am, with my red and white stripey shirt and matching hat. I come to work every day Monday through Friday, so don’t give up if you don’t see me right away. I’m there, keeping my eyes on things and watching over everyone. Read full post »

Where’s Waldo? At the Crane Naming!

You can never be sure where and when Waldo will pop up, but he’s always in the most interesting places at the most interesting times. Last week, he made a special appearance at the festivities to name our tower crane “Pagasa”. How did he get up all the way up there? We don’t know, and Waldo won’t tell!

Q13 Features our Name the Crane Winner

Q13 was on-site yesterday for our Name the Crane Ceremony. Four year-old Seattle Children’s patient Jonathan, won the “Name the Crane” contest and got to meet the “Building Hope” construction site crane operator. He also saw his winning name revealed on large banners fixed to the tower crane overlooking the construction site. The crane’s new name is “Pagasa,” which means “Hope” in Tagalog, a Filipino dialect. Watch the coverage here.

Our Crane Has a Name

The winners of the Name the Crane contest were honored at a July 19 ceremony held near the construction site. Jonathan, age 4, received first place for his entry Pagasa, which means “hope” in Tagalog, a Filipino dialect, and is pronounced pug-ah-sa’. According to Jonathan, Seattle Children’s is building a ‘high-high-high-in-the-sky building of hope”, so that’s what we should call it!

Jonathan received a replica of the crane and a Children’s fleece, and a visit with the crane operator and a few of the Sellen construction team crew members. Read full post »

Meet Walking Waldo: Gary Boyd

Gary Boyd is an ironworker for RPM Steel, one of the companies working with the Sellen Construction team to bring hope – and our new hospital – to life. After learning how much hospital patients and staff enjoyed looking for Waldo, he decided to become a Walking Waldo and add to the fun. We caught up with Gary to find out more. 

Q. Hi Gary, how did you get started as Walking Waldo?

A. After I started on this job, my wife saw the news report about the Where’s Waldo? that moves around the construction and thought it would be fun to get a couple of costumes and have some of the guys wear them while they work.

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Building Hope Crane Naming Contest

Our Seattle Children’s Hospital construction crane needs a name. Can you help?

Children’s is building additional room to serve the region’s growing number of pediatric patients. To continue to raise visibility about this effort called ‘Building Hope’ and offer a fun opportunity for our patients and families, the hospital is conducting a construction crane naming contest!

Visit the website and fill out an entry. We will contact the winner and post the winning name on the Construction Blog in June, once a name has been selected. Read full post »