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Construction Fence Coming Down

We’re beginning to remove Building Hope’s plywood construction fence and replace it with chain link fencing. The new fencing will sit closer to the sidewalk so grading and landscaping can begin. We’re storing the panels from the old fence for future projects. With the plywood panels gone, the construction site is more visible – and more of a distraction. Please be careful when walking and driving around the site.




Questions?  Please call:

Information: 206-987-6197

24-Hour Emergency Hotline:
Sellen Construction
Tim McKey
Project Superintendent

The Scoop on All That Dirt

As you may have noticed, digging the foundation for our Building Hope expansion created a mountain of dirt at the north end of the site. We excavated 70,000 cubic yards of earth – enough to fill more than 20 Olympic-size swimming pools. How do we plan to get rid of all that dirt?  We don’t. Read full post »

Reusing and Recycling Materials From Laurelon Terrace

Hats off to the construction crews who are building an amazing facility where our region’s sickest kids will receive life-saving care, while also helping Seattle Children’s keep our commitment to being good stewards of the environment.

We set – and met – our goal to reuse or recycle 95% of the eligible materials from the Laurelon Terrace site. Here are some details: Read full post »

Remaining Poplars Are Coming Down

All remaining poplar trees along the plaza walkway will be coming down on the Seattle Children’s Hospital construction site during the week of March 8. The poplar trees are being sent to a company that will recycle the wood for a variety of purposes. Their removal should not impact traffic but there may be some noise related to this activity during the day. The crew will fall the trees away from the hospital’s Train building toward the job site. The construction team will then remove the wood with trucks during normal working hours.

If you have questions  you can call 206-987-6197.  If you have an emergency you can call our 24-hour hotline at 206-987-7744 or you can e-mail us at

Team Makes Progress on ‘Green’ Goal

A guest blog from Todd Johnson, VP Facilities at Seattle Children’s

It’s exciting to see the progress at the current hospital expansion site. To date, the team has removed 5,333 tons of material from the construction grounds and diverted over 5,090 tons of material from going to a landfill. A key part of this effort is ‘being green’ and following sustainable practices while striving to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) status, a well-known green building rating. Read full post »

90% of Laurelon Terrace Materials Recycled to Date

Guest blog from Todd Johnson, vice president Facilities at Seattle Children’s

I had a chance to visit the Laurelon Terrace site late last week and was amazed as I walked the exterior. It is exciting for me to see so much activity as we prepare the site to begin the work on what will be an amazing new building. One of the most impressive accomplishments to date has been that we have been able to recycle 90% of the materials from the Laurelon Terrace condominiums and are well on our way to achieving our goal of 95%. Read full post »

Poplar Tree Removal Postponed Until March

The removal of the remainder of the poplar trees that run along the west side of the hospital has been delayed until all electrical utility relocation has been completed. The poplars will stay in place until at least March 2011 when we can safely remove them. This allows us to continue construction site preparation on Laurelon Terrace as planned and remove the trees when more space is available on the site. If you have questions please contact our 24-hour message hotline at 206-987-7744 or e-mail

Site Preparation and Salvage Activity Schedule for Laurelon Terrace

Tree ready for moving day

Removal of Hazardous Materials and Saving Materials to Re-use
Removal of hazardous materials from Laurelon Terrace has been in progress since late October and should be completed by Dec. 20.   During this time a contractor has been removing all potentially hazardous materials from the existing Laurelon Terrace Condominiums including, but not limited to, asbestos, pipe insulation and fittings, flooring, window putty, boiler insulation and contaminated soils. Read full post »

Poplar Tree Removal to Begin December 6

For the hospital’s expansion, we’ve been working for almost three years to plan for every plant on the property. Every tree, shrub, and plant has been evaluated and inventoried. We know precisely which ones we’ll be able to move, which will stay where they are, and those that will go to a holding spot for later population of the new landscape. Read full post »