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Mock Patient Room

Guest Blog from Todd Johnson, VP Facilities

It has been exciting to see the exterior work on the building begin and interior construction is starting to take shape. I spent some time over the past month working with our construction and internal teams to create a ‘mock’ patient room. Until now we have only been able to use cardboard and tape to develop what we believe will create an optimal patient experience and new model of care. It has been great to see a real room take shape. Read full post »

Seattle Children’s Launches Opinion Sandbox, a New Tool for Parent Participation

Seattle Children’s recently launched the Opinion Sandbox, an online panel of parents who volunteer their time by taking one to two brief online surveys each month on a variety of topics.

If you are a parent of at least one child age 0 to 21 who lives at home and you reside in Washington state, we would love to have you participate! (You do not need to have a child who has been a patient at Children’s; Children’s staff and faculty are not eligible.) The only information we collect from you is your email address and first name. Read full post »

Design Event Captures the Perspectives of Nurses

The design of Building Hope certainly hasn’t happened in a vacuum. It has involved input from world-class architects, engineers and builders, but the perspectives of the staff members, patients and families who will occupy the new building have also been carefully considered. After all, who better to share their ideas and opinions than the people who use the space?

Seattle Children’s recently held a design event where several of our nurses were invited to provide feedback on how to make the new space the best that it can be. They were shown blueprints, tabletop replicas and a warehouse-sized mock-up of the new building. Read full post »

Perspective from a Teen with Cancer

Guest Blog with Cristina Scalzo

Hi! My name is Cristina Scalzo and just a year ago at the age of 16 I was diagnosed with ALL (acute lymphocytic leukemia). This year has been quite an interesting experience for me and my family. I am happy to say I am officially in remission and successfully transitioned back into normal life. Read full post »

Perspective From a Cancer Patient’s Father

Guest Blog with Mike Fitzgerald

When our 2-year-old son Jackson was diagnosed with cancer, it was the worst news we had ever received.

As new cancer parents, there are so many unknowns… and the last thing you want is another family in the only space you’ve got – your hospital room – sharing all your personal, intimate actions and emotions.

Most nights we were fortunate not to have to share a room, but when we did it definitely added to our stress and anxieties. Read full post »

Teens Fighting Cancer Share Their Perspectives on Space

It’s obvious from our name that Seattle Children’s is a pediatric hospital. But we don’t just treat infants and small children… a large percentage of our patients are teens and young adults.

Children’s recently conducted an Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) focus group to hear first-hand from them what they’d like to see in the new Building Hope expansion. Here’s what some of them had to say about space, privacy and sharing rooms. Read full post »

A Mom Reflects on Her Daughter’s Lifesaving Care

Allison was only 6 weeks old when she suddenly became gravely ill. She was rushed to Seattle Children’s where she was diagnosed with Streptococcus Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Toxins in Allison’s blood – caused by the bacterium in common strep throat – led to an infection that threatened her life.

Her family was overwhelmed by this life-and-death situation. The only option was to place her on ECMO – a machine that provides cardiac and respiratory support while a patient’s heart or lungs heal – and ultimately Allison made a remarkable recovery. Read full post »

Waldo Adds Spark of Fun While Waiting for Life-saving Transplant

Guest blog entry from Erica Colón and her daughter Ava

Ava was born with a heart defect at the Tacoma General Hospital and sent to Seattle Children’s Hospital within a week of being born. As a first-time mom, this was very overwhelming!

The Tacoma medical team said Children’s was the best place to take care of her heart. She came by ambulance. My husband Dan and I soon learned that she would need a heart transplant.

We’re waiting for that right heart to come along… We’re hoping every day that we’ll get a call. Read full post »

A Message of Hope

Guest Blog by Lisa Owen, mother and parent shares her family’s story of cancer survival

Our path to Seattle Children’s was forged nearly five years ago on June 13, 2006. You may wonder why I remember the exact day, but you would too if you were told that your son had a brain tumor.

When I learned this news, our son Keaton was just 16 months old; we had a happy, healthy three-year-old daughter, Mason, and busy lives. I can still remember this moment when time seemed to stop and our world changed forever. Read full post »

Phil Smart Sr. Celebrates Hospital Expansion Anniversary

Guest blog entry from Phil Smart Sr., Seattle Children’s Hospital Volunteer

It’s marvelous to celebrate the one year anniversary of Seattle Children’s Hospital expansion effort called Building Hope.

As I reflect back just 365 days ago – the City of Seattle’s approval of the hospital’s Major Institutional Master Plan represented a new beginning. Now it’s becoming reality. This milestone is especially important for the thousands of children who will come to Children’s for care in the years ahead. Read full post »