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Poplar Tree Removal to Begin December 6

For the hospital’s expansion, we’ve been working for almost three years to plan for every plant on the property. Every tree, shrub, and plant has been evaluated and inventoried. We know precisely which ones we’ll be able to move, which will stay where they are, and those that will go to a holding spot for later population of the new landscape. Read full post »

Right Plant, Right Place: To Move or Not to Move

Guest post by:  Jeff Hughes, Grounds & Sustainability Manager at Seattle Children’s

Moving day is never easy on anyone. The months of prep for a big move, the planning, labor, intricacies of the complex projects involved, stress from the move itself, and adjusting to inevitable changes after a move are tough on people. Change is hard! But, one day at a time, one task after another, we get through it and adjust, and life moves forward . Trees, shrubs and plants are no different. Read full post »

The Windmill Palm Stays

Guest Blog by: Jeff Hughes, Grounds & Sustainability Manager at Seattle Children’s
One of my very favorite specimens, a large “windmill palm” (Trachycarpus fortunei) will stay right where it is. This makes me happy! It’s a great tree, very large, with beautiful spiky branches that filter light dramatically. This is a fun, unusual tree to see in the Pacific Northwest, where we’re more acquainted with firs, cedars and pines. The bark of this is amazing; it’s more like a tough fur, actually. I invite people to run their hands through it. (Check it out in the video below).

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Green Spaces Heal Body and Soul

By Guest Blogger Jeff Hughes, Grounds and Sustainability Manager at Children’s

This path currently borders the hospital on the West side, just above where Laurelon Terrace is now. We’ll be incorporating more places like this, where the public can stroll, relax and take a breather from the stress of the hospital or whatever’s happening in their day.

A hospital isn’t just a building, or a facility. When done right, a hospital can be a living, breathing, thriving community. At its best, it’s a circle of hope, healing, strength and spirit. Here at Children’s, the healing power of nature has always played a role in that, and we’ll continue this tradition as we grow. Read full post »