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Livable Streets Initiative Final Report

Guest Blog by: Paulo Nunes-Ueno,  Transportation Director at Seattle Children’s

We are proud to share with you the Livable Streets Initiative Final Report. The report proposes projects that will accompany Seattle Children’s Major Institution Master Plan and will improve transportation in NE Seattle over the next 20 years. The report is the result of collaboration with hundreds of community residents and over a dozen community organizations and advocacy groups that have come together over the last year with the goal of making our streets more livable. Read full post »

Construction Project Timeline: Big Milestones Ahead

Seattle Children’s has big plans for 2011, especially when it comes to creating more space to serve the medical needs of children across the region.  Plans are progressing on building the infrastructure to house the hospital’s cancer and critical care units.

Here are some of the key projects for the next few months: Read full post »

90% of Laurelon Terrace Materials Recycled to Date

Guest blog from Todd Johnson, vice president Facilities at Seattle Children’s

I had a chance to visit the Laurelon Terrace site late last week and was amazed as I walked the exterior. It is exciting for me to see so much activity as we prepare the site to begin the work on what will be an amazing new building. One of the most impressive accomplishments to date has been that we have been able to recycle 90% of the materials from the Laurelon Terrace condominiums and are well on our way to achieving our goal of 95%. Read full post »

Utility Work Traffic Control Planning

Between Jan. 10 and Feb. 14, 2011, periodic utility work will occur along Sand Point Way, 40th Ave. NE and NE 45th Street.  This work is essential as we are preparing the Laurelon Terrace site for the beginning stages of construction.  Flaggers will be present to help with traffic control and all work will be performed during regular work hours.  We appreciate your patience and support! Please feel free to contact us with questions on our 24-hour message hotline, 206-987-7744. 

For additional information on this work, sign up for Twitter updates at

Alternative commuting by Children’s staff makes a difference!

Guest Blog by: Paulo Nunes-Ueno,  Transportation Director at Seattle Children’s

Seattle Children’s staff have had a culture of alternative commuting for a while, but the coming expansion of the hospital is making those efforts even more important. This year, Seattle Children’s Transportation Department has rolled out several new initiatives to help staff get to work other than by driving alone – and we’re seeing positive results already! Read full post »

Poplar Tree Removal Postponed Until March

The removal of the remainder of the poplar trees that run along the west side of the hospital has been delayed until all electrical utility relocation has been completed. The poplars will stay in place until at least March 2011 when we can safely remove them. This allows us to continue construction site preparation on Laurelon Terrace as planned and remove the trees when more space is available on the site. If you have questions please contact our 24-hour message hotline at 206-987-7744 or e-mail

Site Preparation and Salvage Activity Schedule for Laurelon Terrace

Tree ready for moving day

Removal of Hazardous Materials and Saving Materials to Re-use
Removal of hazardous materials from Laurelon Terrace has been in progress since late October and should be completed by Dec. 20.   During this time a contractor has been removing all potentially hazardous materials from the existing Laurelon Terrace Condominiums including, but not limited to, asbestos, pipe insulation and fittings, flooring, window putty, boiler insulation and contaminated soils. Read full post »

Utility Pole Removal on Sand Point Way NE Rescheduled for December 10

A Qwest utility pole which is no longer needed to service the Laurelon Terrace site has been re-scheduled for removal this Friday, December 10.  Qwest will have flaggers on site for a brief traffic stop while they remove the overhead cable that runs just northwest of 40th Ave NE along Sand Point Way NE.  Following the cable removal there will be a brief traffic closure of the curb lane in the northwest bound Sand Point Way NE traffic while they secure the pole on a truck.

Seattle Fire Department to Use Laurelon Terrace Site for Drilling

Firefighters preparing for training

The Seattle Fire Department will use the Laurelon Terrace site to train firefighters to lay fire hose, force entry, and search and ventilate the roof. This opportunity offers them a simulated environment that is close to a typical fire. Training may start as soon as tomorrow, December 9 and will likely extend through the holidays. They will conduct their drills on weekdays only from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Read full post »

Temporary Exterior Entrance Painting Begins

Temporary Giraffe Entrance Design

Thank you for your patience as we constructed the temporary exterior entrance at the Giraffe building this week.  The development of the entrance is complete and we plan to add paint to the exterior and interior during the next two weeks.  We will work around people entering and leaving the building to minimize any disruption. The design was created to  incorporate Seattle Children’s brand colors and patterns and the entrance will also feature an information center to share current information about the expansion. Read full post »