On Saturday, Feb. 18, more than a dozen people gathered in a coffee shop near University Village to organize for the creation of ‘greenways’ on their neighborhood streets.

Greenways are quiet neighborhood streets that have been improved to lower speeds, reduce traffic and make a trail-like experience for walkers and bicyclists of all ages. Many cities throughout the country have invested in greenways, most famously Portland, OR where it is almost impossible to bike or walk around without being drawn into one of these quiet, low-traffic streets by the signs and pavement markings that seem to call out to you every few blocks.

As part of Seattle Children’s Livable Streets Initiative, Seattle Children’s, with the support of our Citizen’s Advisory Committee and the help of hundreds of people who came to the Livable Streets workshops, have championed greenways in NE Seattle. The Seattle Department of Transportation is evaluating a greenway on 39th Ave NE that would be one of the first projects associated with the Livable Streets Initiative.

At the Feb. 18 meeting there were several residents who live along 39th Ave. NE brainstorming ways to reach out to their neighbors to answer questions and build support for the project. One of the residents has started a Google group to share information and updates. If you would like to join, send an email to neseattle-greenways@googlegroups.com.

Questions? Please call:

Information: 206-987-6197

24-Hour Emergency Hotline:

Sellen Construction

Tim McKey

Project Superintendent