Hi Waldo fans! If you like to play trivia games and guess about how things work — like how much, how big, how many, how long, how far and how heavy — I have a fun list for you! See if you can guess some answers to these fun questions about the construction site:

Are there any construction jobs that women can’t do?

No, women can do any of these same jobs that men can do! Anyone who has the right training can do the work. Women are just as good at it as men, too.

How many days will it take to make the new hospital building before it’s ready to open (from start of construction to end of construction)?


How many hours of work will it take to make the new building, start to finish?


How many tons of dirt were moved to prepare the construction site?


How many gallons of water does the water pond hold?


How much water do the construction workers drink every week?

They get thirsty! If it’s hot out, they’ll drink 200 gallons each week!

How much weight can the construction crane lift?

Up to 44,000 pounds. That’s a lot! It’s about the same as 12 automobiles.

How many tons of concrete go into the foundation walls?


• How many people work on the construction site on most days?

There are 60-80 working most days. The crew can get as big as 200 at certain times.

• How many football fields could fit into the construction site?

If you laid football fields on the ground, you could fit 6 entire fields.

• How tall will the new building be?

About 125 feet tall.

• How many new patient rooms will the new building have?

Building Hope will provide 80 single-patient rooms for cancer and critical care. We expect to open the new units in the spring of 2013.

• How many trees and plants got saved and moved before construction started?

We saved over 4,000 plants (including 330 trees, 1,000 shrubs, 1,132 ground covers, 316 grasses, 393 bulbs, 985 perennials and 136 ferns) from the construction site and they will be relocated.

• How many hours do construction workers usually work each day?


• How many crane operators are there?


How many sandwiches will the construction workers eat for lunches, for all the days before the new building is ready, start to finish?

Too many to count!