As contractors rapidly cover steel beams in a cladding of stone, metal and glass, it’s exciting to see how this combination of exterior materials is bringing our Building Hope expansion to life.

The number one goal for the design is to fit in – with existing Seattle Children’s buildings, with the surrounding landscape and with the neighborhood. Yet the design is also meant to be distinctive and incorporate playful touches befitting a children’s hospital.

The creamy color of the stone tiles ties the new building to the rest of the campus. Applied in shingle fashion, the tiles also mimic the look of neighborhood homes. And their texture creates subtle shadows that dance with the light and blend the building into our arboretum-like grounds.

Red zinc panels warm the building and their vertical shape creates a pleasing contrast to the horizontally arranged stone tiles. The panels are also slightly curved – another shadow-producing feature.

Liberal glass curtain walls invite natural light into public spaces such as elevator lobbies and lounges and reflect the sky without being too bright.

An array of glass fins – clipped perpendicularly to the facade at various points – join with glass sun shades to add a dash of whimsy and help reduce energy consumption. The seven colors chosen for the fins complement the building and echo natural hues found in the landscape.


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