As you may have noticed, digging the foundation for our Building Hope expansion created a mountain of dirt at the north end of the site. We excavated 70,000 cubic yards of earth – enough to fill more than 20 Olympic-size swimming pools. How do we plan to get rid of all that dirt?  We don’t.

Instead of hauling it away, we’re using all of the dirt on site.  About half will remain in place to form an inpatient/visitor parking lot.  We’ll use the rest elsewhere at the north end of the site, where we’re building a helistop, emergency department parking lot, a shuttle turn-around and a site elevator to take people from the inpatient/visitor parking lot to the Giraffe entrance of the existing campus.

We expect to remove the Visqueen cover and start regrading in a couple weeks.  Since all of the dirt is remaining on site, the work won’t generate any additional off-site traffic.   In fact, we estimate that retaining the dirt on site will keep 80 to 100 trucks a day off the roads for approximately a month.

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