Guest Blog with Paulo Nunes-Ueno, Director of Transportation & Sustainability

Seattle Children’s is committed to designing, constructing and operating all of our facilities in the most sustainable way we can. As we planned our Building Hope expansion, we went the extra mile to go green.

In my last blog, I shared with you how sustainability drove our choice of building materials. Here are some details about how we’ll conserve natural resources and improve the natural habitat.

The building is expected to use 47 percent less energy than comparable hospitals. New plumbing fixtures will shrink water use by more than 28 percent. And we will reduce the amount of potable water used for irrigation by more than 60 percent.

A green roof will provide habitat for urban wildlife and will limit storm water runoff by absorbing moisture. Permeable pavers also will reduce runoff by allowing water to soak into the ground. In addition, plants in rain gardens will clean water from paved surfaces and provide additional habitat for birds.

All of these steps will contribute to a greener campus, healthier planet and more livable community.

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