We set many goals while planning our Building Hope expansion. One of the most important: delivering care as efficiently as possible.  In the last post, CPI Guides Our Quest to Fight Waste, we shared some examples of how Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) methods are guiding our efforts to reduce waste and increase safety. Here are some other examples.

Because errors are a leading source of waste, we’re exploring how to eliminate many of the distractions that can cause errors.  As part of this initiative we’ve arranged our patient units to maximize visibility so patients, families and caregivers can maintain lines of sight with each other, helping us keep a watchful eye.

In addition, we’re looking at ways to streamline how caregivers make rounds and how they flow between patients so that the process remains safe and complete but not unnecessarily complicated. We will be standardizing the rounding process and creating a schedule so families know when to expect their team.  And we’ve made sure caregivers won’t wait longer than necessary for lab results and other important information by making computers readily available – at the bedside, on “porches” outside patient rooms and in team spaces.


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