I meet a lot of interesting people as I walk around Seattle Children’s every day. Not long ago, I met the mayor of Seattle, Michael McGinn. The mayor came here to tour the Building Hope expansion and learn how the new building will help the hospital give more kids the care they need to get better.

Mayors are very important people – they’re like the coach or principal or captain of the whole city –  so Mayor McGinn’s visit was very special. Did you know that the mayor of Seattle is elected? Every four years, the people who live in the city vote for the person they want to lead them. Mayor McGinn was elected three years ago. Can you think of some other people who are elected to their jobs? Here’s a hint about one of them: the person lives in a big white house.

I found out Mayor McGinn loves to ride his bike all over the city. He was happy when I told him how Children’s is making the streets around the hospital safer for biking – and walking, too. Do you like to ride your bike? Before the mayor left, he asked me to remind you to always wear a helmet.

So long for now. I’ll keep you posted if I bump into any other important visitors. You never know. Maybe someday the person who lives in the big white house will come here. That would really be big news!