Extreme Makeover: Hartmann Building Frontage Edition is rolling. The hardscape portion of the project – a new sidewalk, curbs, gutters, drive aprons and rock wall – should be complete by the second week of September.

Look for landscaping work to start the first week of September. This includes prepping the soil, installing sprinklers and planting – or in many cases replanting –  trees, shrubs and other vegetation.  Some of the plants were salvaged from the Hartmann frontage before the makeover began. Others were salvaged from the Laurelon Terrace site or propagated elsewhere on our campus. 

We’re also excited to report Metro plans to build a new bus shelter along the Hartmann frontage. Look for more details in a future blog post. If Ty Pennington drops by, we’ll post something about that, too.

This is the first round of improvements we’re making along this stretch of Sand Point Way NE as part of our Livable Streets Initiative. Work will start later this year on a new traffic signal and redesigned intersection at 40th Avenue NE and Sand Point Way NE. We’re also building a two-way cycle track – with separate paths for bikes and pedestrians – that will run alongside the hospital’s frontage with Sand Point Way NE.

All of this work involves intermittent sidewalk and lane closures. We appreciate your continued patience.


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