Lunch box? Check. Backpack? Check. Paper, ruler, pencils and pens? Check, check, check, check. It’s back to school time, Waldo fans!

My friend Brian Ross knows a lot about how to get ready for school and about all the things Children’s does to help kids learn while they’re in the hospital. Brian is the educational services manager at Children’s. That’s kind of like being the principal.

Brian told me it’s important for kids and parents to talk about school. If you have any questions or worries, share them with your mom and dad. They’ll know the answers or can find them out from the school.

If you’ve been sick for awhile, you may not be able to do everything the other kids do when you return to school. Be sure you and your parents let the school know if you need any extra help in the classroom, the playground, the cafeteria or anyplace else. Brian said it’s a good idea to practice your reading and writing before you go back.

Kids and parents also need to plan a school day routine. That means getting up in the morning at a certain time and going to bed at a certain time. It also means setting aside time to do homework and making rules for watching TV or playing on the computer. Can you think of anything else to include in your routine?

Here’s something Brian told me that I never knew. Children’s has six teachers and four teacher helpers. They work with kids in kindergarten all the way through high school when they have to stay in the hospital more than a week. Kids who are well enough go to a classroom right here at Children’s. If they have to stay in bed, teachers come to their room.

I learn a lot by walking around, but I learned a lot more in school. I hope you do, too. Until next time, so long.