Lifesaving medical care awaits patients and families coming to Building Hope. And so does a comforting and welcoming environment.

We’re using artwork to create an overall sense of healing and to help people find their way. Inspired by natural themes, the artwork will tell a story, be fun to look at and provide a positive distraction for people of all ages.

The art in Building Hope takes its cue from a new wayfinding system we’re introducing throughout our campus. We’re reorganizing the hospital into four zones – each with a dedicated color, icon and artistic theme based on a different feature of Pacific Northwest geography.

Building Hope is in the Forest Zone (green). The other zones are River (yellow), Mountain (purple) and Ocean (blue). Featured in new signage and other design elements such as walls and doors, this union of color, icon and art will visibly distinguish each zone and instantly let people know where they are.

With help from parents, families and staff, we chose Amy Ruppel of Portland, Ore., and Lab Partners of Oakland, Calif., and others to create the designs we’re incorporating into Building Hope and our wayfinding system. The first piece, a glass wall featuring a forest design by Lab Partners, was recently installed in front of the new Emergency Department on level one of Building Hope.

Look for more about the artists and their work in future posts.


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