Months of planning, remodeling and moving culminated Monday, Oct. 15, with the opening of a six-bed unit to care for critically ill and injured children. The new PICU East offsets the temporary loss of seven beds in the existing Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) that were displaced by construction of the Building Hope skybridge.

The skybridge connects Building Hope to the Train Building on five levels. As the skybridge punches through, we must close spaces on each level for construction – including a portion of the PICU on level 4.

We created PICU East because the entire region depends on the PICU to care for kids who are fighting for their lives. We could not afford to take seven beds out of service even for just a few months.

PICU East is on the same floor as the existing PICU (level four) and is similarly staffed and equipped — although the most fragile patients will remain in the existing unit. PICU East was formerly occupied by the Outpatient Procedure Center (OPC). We’re now performing outpatient procedures elsewhere in the hospital.

Check this blog for updates on how skybridge construction will affect other levels.The existing PICU will get two beds back in February. When Building Hope opens in spring 2013, all PICU beds will move to the new building, where the unit will grow to 16 beds.


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