The skybridge is coming – and so is some intense construction. Completing the connection between Building Hope and the Train Building will create noise and vibration within parts of the hospital and restrict access to certain areas starting the week of Oct. 22 and lasting for approximately 100 days.

The skybridge will connect Building Hope to the Train Building on five levels. Work will occur at various times on all five levels from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and possibly on some Saturdays. Safety instructions, construction schedules and contact information are posted on every level. We’ll give advance warning to those affected whenever we need to temporarily shut down any areas or services.

Work kicks off with demolition of the concrete slab that tops the exterior terraces on levels four and five. This work will be loud and will last two or three days beginning Oct. 22. We need to remove the slab to make a flush connection with the skybridge floor. Workers will mainly use saws to remove the concrete.

Check this blog for ongoing skybridge updates.


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