WaldoEvery year about this time, people tease me about my red and white sweater. They say, “Waldo, you look like a candy cane.” That’s OK. I love the holiday season and all the traditions that come with it. Some of my favorite holiday traditions are drinking eggnog, singing “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” and, um, standing under the mistletoe.

 What are some of your favorite traditions? Wait. Let me guess. I bet you like getting presents. I know I do – as long as they aren’t socks, underwear or fruitcake.

Getting gifts is great, but giving them is even better. People give gifts to Seattle Children’s all year long, but are extra generous during the holidays. They pledge money during our telethon, donate toys during our toy drives and contribute in lots of other ways. Every gift helps Seattle Children’s care for kids who are too sick to go to regular hospitals.

 Everybody knows who gives the most gifts in the whole world – Santa Claus. Santa visits every house on the planet. But some kids aren’t home at Christmas. They’re here in the hospital, so Santa makes a special trip to Seattle Children’s every year to deliver presents to every room. Santa’s reindeer also deliver presents – which is why I always watch my step around the helipad.

 There’s just one thing left to say before I get my figgy pudding on: Happy Holidays from everyone at Seattle Children’s.