Comm CtrLevel IS Team Ocean Mural Ocean 8 Registration IS Command CenterOcean Mural FishWe’re excited to report the debut our new wayfinding system. More than 400 volunteers participated in the rollout. With their help, the transition was a tremendous success. Thanks everyone!

 The new wayfinding system integrates the existing hospital with our Building Hope expansion by creating four new zones that blend our new spaces with our old spaces and logically divide the campus in a way that makes it easy to navigate.  The zones are Forest, River, Mountain and Ocean – each with dedicated color, icon and artistic themefeatured in new signage and other design elements.

Introducing a new wayfinding system sounds pretty straight forward, right? You take down old signs, put up new signs and call it good. That might be true in some cases, but there was a lot more involved in our rollout than meets the eye. Before we could go live, an ocean of computerized business, patient and engineering data needed to reflect new room, floor and zone designations for virtually every space in the hospital.

More than 40 people from Information Systems (IS) began working in July to identify, communicate and complete the myriad of tasks necessary to execute the transition. Their goal: make this head-spinning process unfold so seamlessly that it would seem like a non-event.

A total of 41 different systems supported by IS required updating. In addition, IS staff worked closely with other key departments such as Facilities, Building Engineering and Clinical Engineering to ensure their systems – everything from elevators to fire alarms to pneumatic tubes – were in sync with the switch.

Some of the updates such as new scheduling instructions for conference rooms were plugged in ahead of the roll out. More sensitive changes such as those involving electronic medical records were made on launch day.

Thanks again to everyone involved in this milestone event. We appreciate your dedication, cooperation and patience.